We are currently undertaking a number of projects to be detailed here. Our current research themes are around Virtual Reality and its effect on users, plus a number of different projects associated with politics, fake news and civic and cultural engagements.

Motion Capture Project

We are currently setting up a project with some open source hardware developers at to take part in a Beta programme to develop software for their motion capture hardware. This will be a collaboration between a member of staff (Phil Carlisle) and a number of students. The aim is to develop more user friendly software and eventually incorporate the motion capture data flows into videogame engines like Unreal Engine and Unity.

Political Engagement Project

A number of staff and students are involved with developing games and applications to tackle the problem of engagement with the political process. In particular we are looking at new ways to engage people in local areas to be active in the places where they live through more natural forms of interaction. This is part of a wider research focus on civic engagement and interaction design.

Virtual Reality Projects

A number of PhD and MSc Research projects are underway to develop and understanding of Virtual Reality and its effect on different classes of users.