Culture @ intLab

Culture is the context within which we exist and computers are playing an ever increasing role. Cultural Computing seeks to understand the use of technology in culture, to understand culture through the use of technology, and to promote the considered deployment of technology in creating the cultures of tomorrow.

Games @ intLab

We have a strong background in games research, spanning areas such as game interfaces, game design, and artificial intelligence in games. We regularly publish at leading academic venues, for example, CHI, CHI PLAY, and DiGRA, and we’re also involved in games-related events such as the Global Game Jam. For more information, please visit the games sub-theme at

Sustainability @ intLab

Members of intLab are interested in sustainability and Human-Computer Interaction, exploring how technology can be leveraged to encourage reflection on the interactions that we have with our environment, and our behaviour in terms of resource consumption. In the past, we have been involved in a breadth of projects, for example exploring how mobile applications can be applied to encourage university students to reduce energy consumption in student accommodation.