About interAction Lab

The Interactive Technologies Lab (interAction Lab) is a research group within the Lincoln School of Computer Science at Computer-Science-Logo-PORTRAIT-MS-Office-use.jpgthe University of Lincoln in the UK.

We share a democratic vision of design, development and evaluation of interactive technologies, grounded in the participatory engagement of diverse stakeholders (students, citizens, associations, public authorities and researchers) and aimed at satisfying social and societal needs.  We understand design as a way to act on the world, involving people in the joint effort of crafting technological artefacts for the common good, and evaluation as a way to explore meanings and values.

The intLab establishes quality of life as its central concern, aiming to promote better living through, and with, technology. Our research environment values inclusion, diversity, and interdisciplinarity. Accordingly, the intLab includes experts with interests in a variety of fields (including Human-Computer-Interaction, Games, Wellbeing, Sustainability, Children-Computer Interaction, Critical Design, and Fine Art) who connect these specific concerns through their shared interest in contemporary interactive solutions.

We are currently undergoing a major effort to expand both in these established territories but also in areas that can extend our range of experience yet further.  If you are interested in working with us, shaping an enthusiastic and stimulating research environment which can make a difference to people’s life consider to Contact us.

We are especially interested in hearing from people – at various level of their career – who share our vision and are keen on experimenting new ways to apply it in practice.